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As a leading brand, New Balance has always tried to make some of the best athletic shoes, gear, and sports gear on the market! This brand is also popular for making some of the best athletic shoes for women. And if you are looking for the New Balance shoe range, you may be really surprised that this brand can produce for the market. The shoes announced in this segment are truly unique in terms of design, technology and color-like elements. At the same time, these shoes are comfortable and promote a high level of stability and support for users.

It’s the New Balance 1400, a shoe to assign to your collection. While this shoe did not generate much enthusiasm in the market, it has also promoted high levels of comfort and stability for users. This shoe is made of high quality leather and also has a supportive sole. This is a lightweight shoe that is also considered the best for any sporting activity. This type of shoe is the best for professional runners. It’s also good for those who prefer to move for high mileage.

The sports net in the upper part of the shoe makes it more breathable. The fact is that it is loaded with the navy blue and this is what draws the most attention to the shoe. The plum leather assigned to the shoe makes this shoe a lightweight in this category. The rubber outsole for the shoe gives it a classic touch. If you are looking for a shoe that has a fantastic aesthetic look and is comfortable to wear, the New Balance 1400 can be high on your list. One advantage of the soles is that they are very easy to clean and wash. In order for your New Balance shoes to have a long life, you should take care of your shoes and avoid any form of abuse in order to increase the durability and lifespan of the shoes. To take good care of or very good care of your New Balance shoes, follow the correct steps. First, you need to remove any dirt or debris from the shoes. For this purpose, you can use a toothbrush to make sure that no dirt adheres to the surface of the shoes. Suppose the shoes are stained with dirt or clay that brushing won’t clean. You need to clean the shoes with warm water and mild soap. You can use brushes to apply soap to areas and remove stains.

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