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Cubavera Men's Short Sleeve Traditional Cuban Camp Guayabera Shirt .

Guayabera shirts are a type of traditional men’s shirt that was originally worn by Latin American men. This shirt model was also very popular with the many Caribbean individuals. Although it is an outdated and conventional model, it is very popular in the style business and people who have one type of style and style want to adopt this model of shirt with a number of changes.

Special options of guayabera shirts:

The main design of the guayabera shirts is the 4-pocket model, in addition to the tempting embroidery carried out on the stripes led by the entrance. The completely different types of embroidery increase the attractiveness of this shirt model, and the requests for entry give an ideal becoming and cutting to whoever wears this shirt.

A Mexican wedding ceremony shirt:

Guayabera shirts are often referred to as Mexican wedding ceremony shirts because of their historical past. These shirts may have been worn by the grooms there in Mexico. The origin of this shirt is also in Cuba. The fabric from which this shirt is designed is often flattering and comfortable, it is the most beautiful summer outfit, and it comes in a myriad of styles and colors. Guayabera shirts are additionally designed from printed fabric and are by far preferred by the younger technology due to their enticing floral prints. From simple to trendy designs, these shirts are the first choice for men of all ages. They are also available in French cuff style and for the most part this shirt in white color is the most popular for the summer time.

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